Denise Dumars photoThroughout her prolific writing career Denise Dumars has written and published poetry, short stories, articles, and reviews in journals such as Terra Incognita, Cinefantastique, and Talebones. She is a columnist for Star*Line, the journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and a peer reviewer for Coreopsis: A Journal of Myth and Theater. She has also published two collections of short stories; two non-fiction books, including The Dark Archetype (with Lori Nyx), and numerous chapbooks of poetry, the most recent of which is Letting in the Dark (Yellow Bat Press). Denise teaches a variety of English courses in Southern California colleges.

Photo-Literary Tourism:
A Confederacy of Dunces photo tour of New Orleans!

Paris Gothique: A Gothic Travel Guide to the City of Love”

Paranormal/Romance has been nominated for the 2014 Science Fiction Poetry Association Elgin Book Award.

Denise Dumars serves on the advisory board of Coreopsis: Journal of Myth and Theatre.

Denise’s published books.

Coming appearances:

I will be at Conjecture in San Diego this weekend. Here are my panels and a link:

Conjecture/ConChord 2014, Oct. 10-12
“Life, Death, and Beyond”: guest of honor Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Friday 8:00PM – 9:00PM
Communications with the Dead – Séance, Ouija, and other ways to contact the other side. Denise Dumars, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Saturday 11:00AM – noon
The Ethnogenesis of the Haitian Zombies -The Ethnogenesis of the Haitian Zombies – This program will explain the nature of “real” zombies–those created in Haiti by the bokors, sorcerors who are not sanctioned by the Vodou houngan and mambos (priests and priestesses). Denise Dumars, aka Rev. Dee

See the Los Angeles Harbor College and Long Beach City College pages for current syllabi.
Academic publications:
Coreopsis article: “Theatre of the Dark Fae: Vampirism in European Faery Lore” coreopsis.org/ojs/index.php/Coreopsis/article/view/4/6
California English article: “The Cure for the Common Core: A Confederacy of Dunces” in the March 2011 print issue of California English. Website: cateweb.org/california_english
Other publications:
“Stealth SF” A regular column in Star*Line, the official journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, sfpoetry.com/starline.html
Tales of the Talisman, Volume 8, Issue 4 · $7.00 (plus shipping) “Automatic Heart” and “The Single Link”
Lore, Vol. 2, #2 (November 2012) · $10.9
TWELVE INCREDIBLE NEW TALES! Featuring “Nzambe” by Denise Dumars.
Mythic Delirium 24 cover“Folding Money” A Rhysling-nominated poem in Mythic Delirium 24: mythicdelirium.com. “Folding Money” was nominated for the 2012 SFPA Rhysling Award. Read it here.
Previous appearances:
Summer Solstice Fair
June 7th, 2014 • 10 am–4 pm
Unitarian Universalist Church
5450 Atherton St. • Long Beach, CA

Gaslight Gathering
May 2-4, 2014 in San Diego.
Denise Dumars appeared on panels.

Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium
on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA in January 2014.
H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival
Last weekend of September 2013.
Denise Dumars read her poetry and participated in a book signing of Paranormal Romance. Mysterious Galaxy offers her books for sale. http://www.hplfilmfestival.com/category/tags/hplff-2013-la

SFPA Poetry Reading
April 12
2013 Eaton Science Fiction Conference, SF in Media, April 11–14
Riverside Downtown Marriott
Riverside, CA

October 31, 2012: Omnilore Official Annual Meeting. Denise Dumars, Paganism Expert, speaking on “PAGANISM: ALIVE AND WELL?” A specialist in “magickal matters and other spiritual services,” our speaker fits perfectly into our Halloween theme! To call Denise Dumars prolific is an understatement of epic proportions. She is a poet, a writer of short stories, books (fiction and non-fiction), essays and reviews, and a columnist for Star*Line, the journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. She is also a teacher (Long Beach City and L.A. Harbor colleges), photographer, judge (H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival Screenplay competition), and board member of Coreopsis: A Journal of Myth and Theater. She will discuss fall and winter pagan holidays and how they were adopted by other religions.
Los Verdes Country Club, 7000 W. Los Verdes Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes.
October 21, 2012: Denise at 2012 Pagan Pride Day LA/OC, Rainbow Lagoon Park.
Selling my book Paranormal/ Romance: Poems Romancing the Paranormal
Sept. 28 and 29, 2012: Denise appeared at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival at the Warner Grand in San Pedro, CA. She was one of the judges of the FINALISTS for BEST SCREENPLAY category at the Festival, and participated in a READING and DISCUSSION PANEL, where her NEW BOOK debuted: PARANORMAL/ROMANCE: Poems Romancing the Paranormal.

The book is available from Williams’ Bookstore in San Pedro.

The mysterious Rev. Dee created THREE FRAGRANCE OIL BLENDS ONLY AVAILABLE from Denise Dumars during the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival: Black Goat of the Woods, R’lyeh Rising, and the Gate and the Key.

The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society Writers’ Conference
July 20-22, 2012
Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles, CA
A three-day conference for writers of all genres and levels! Denise will be teaching classes and participating in the ProCritique program.

Saturday 7/21: Denise will be on the following panels and at the following events:
Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy for Today's Savvy Reader

Why Manuscripts Arrive Dead on Arrival at Agents and Publishers

After her panels Denise will sell/sign books and also her new essential oil blends, including “Blesséd Love,” a companion to her book Be Blesséd...and more...enquire within...
Voices Of the Sacred Feminine with Karen Tate: Blog Talk Radio
Diane Paxson - author of nearly three dozen books, including Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ravens of Avalon discusses her newest book, The Way of the Oracle
Denise Dumars - author, scholar, professor Denise Dumars discusses the occult movements of the 19th century and the women who made them rock in “Steampunk Mage: Eminent Victorian Occultists.” Catch the March 8, 6 p.m. show from the archives. Shows can be heard via I-Tunes.

“Steampunk Mage: Eminent Victorian Occultists” is based on the presentation that Rev. Denise Dion-Isis Dumars gave at the Gaslight Gathering Steampunk Convention in San Diego in 2011. However, in her presentation to Voices of the Sacred Feminine, she first gives an overview of the Celtic Revival and a few important occult developments of the Victorian era that relate directly to our modern magickal and spiritual practices and then focuses primarily on important female influences of the era, including the women of the Golden Dawn; vodou priestesses such as Marie Laveau, Malvina LaTour, and Mary Ellen Pleasant; and of course, Madame Blavatsky. The talk is of interest to modern Wiccans, followers of Goddess Religion, and all those who want to know more about Victorian Occultism as material for their creative writing and scholarship.
Rev. Denise “Dion-Isis” Dumars is a college professor of English, a writer, a scholar, and founder of the Iseum of Isis Paedusis, a South Bay area Iseum chartered by the Fellowship of Isis.
The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society Special Speaker Event
Confessions of a Former Literary Agent–Things I Couldn't Tell You Before
Not for the faint of heart. Come prepared for a different kind of reality show.
June 23, 2012
Palms-Rancho Park Library
A saying amongst practitioners of the mantic arts is that once you begin working magick it is like you are hanging out a shingle alerting the spirits that you are trafficking in the world of the unseen. If you intend to do so, it is prudent to know what you're doing, what is safe or advisable to do, and what isn't. Denise Dumars became an agent knowing full well the arcane society she was getting into.

Or so she thought. Not all magick spells work, and everyone knows that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Denise tells you what she hoped to accomplish as an author's representative of the Ashley Grayson Literary Agency, the agency that represents her books, what did and did not happen, and how she came away truly believing the saying, "no good deed goes unpunished."

She will discuss the things every writer should know and understand prior to finishing that book and submitting work for publication. She'll also tell you why literary agents are worthy of respect and admiration. Now smudge your computer with sage and draw your magick circle before we proceed, just in case.
Gaslight Gathering Steampunk and Victoriana Convention
Southern California Writers’ Conference
Los Angeles Black Book Expo